Please use 15 minutes (or as much time as needed) for summing up what you worked with between the last session and this one:
• Did you succeed in doing what you planned?
• What was easy to do and what was difficult?
• What did you learn from doing what you planned?
• What can you do better next time you work between sessions?

Please remember: it is okay if you experienced problems – this is a new way of working, and it takes some exercise and experimenting before it becomes routine

Promoting relations work in practical tasks

Competences to be exercised
  • Understand the on-going balance between “Task Work” and “Relations Work”.
  • Looking at suggestions for caregiver and child relations development.
  • Discussing and planning recurrent activities for promoting caregiver and child relation

Theme of the session
In session 6 – How to Practice Professional Caregiving – you worked with understanding the balance between two dimensions of care: practical task work and social relations work while you perform daily tasks.

In this training session you will discuss and plan how you can use Task and Relation thinking in daily activities, and how you can do this in a work plan that makes it possible to offer a Secure Base and long term relations to especially young children and new children in the family.
Aims of the session
To design and plan long term social relations and bonding between children and their caregivers in daily activities.