Introduction to your learning and development process

This training program has been developed and tested in daily practices by people like you:
foster parents from five countries who work with young children placed outside home.
A lot of scientific results and child development psychology are part of the program and this knowledge has been transformed into practical advice and video demonstrations of quality care, suggestions and practices.

When you are going through the training sessions you will work in order to learn from the material and theory that is presented in the program.

At the end of each session, you decide on exercising in practice what you learned during a session.
All this learning is only useful if it is used in your everyday work and if you plan how to change your practices as a foster parent as you go through the program.

Theme of the session
In this first training session you will be introduced to the Scorecard, to the basic ideas and content of this training program and to how you can work with the sessions.
You will also be presented with an interview you can make with your spouse or your supervisor to understand how much important knowledge you already have from your own life – knowledge that is useful in your professional work as a foster parent.
You will understand what is expected of you while you learn professional child care theory in the program, and how you and your supervisor or social worker can support each other while using the program.

Please note: The “supervisor” is the person who has the job of talking to you regularly about your foster care work, advising and assisting you. The “social worker” is the person representing the official authority who legally administers the decisions about the child (where it should be placed, how much contact it will be allowed to have with biological parents, etc.)
Aims of the session

  • To understand how to work with the training program, how to work with the sessions, and how to work between sessions.
  • To understand how your own life experience provide valuable professional knowledge for foster care work.
  • To be introduced to the Scorecard.