Please use 15 minutes (or as much time as needed) for summing up what you worked with between the last session and this one:

  • How was the process of preparing your family to become a foster family?
  • What was easy to do and what was difficult?
  • What did you learn from doing what you planned?
  • What can you do better next time you work between sessions?

Please remember: it is okay if you experienced problems – this is a new way of working, and it takes some exercise and experimenting before it becomes routine.

Receiving a child in foster care

Competences to be exercised

  • Creating awareness about how children respond to a change in caregivers
  • Helping the child feel secure in your foster family

Theme of the session
In this training session you will be introduced to how children may respond to a new family and environment, and how you can help the child feel secure in the new setting, your foster family.

Aims of the session
The aim of the session is to provide you with an understanding of how children respond to a new placement, and give you suggestions for coping with the first period of placement.