Workplan – things we will do before the next session

Make a plan for how you can work with:

  • Please write a plan for how you will work before you start the next session.
  • How can you work with patience and containment with the child?
  • How can you make daily routines and activities that help the child feel that it is secure and calm, and feel it has a predictable world that does not change from day to day?
  • Make a list of practices you will try to make better and what activities/ time of the day you will do it.
  • Please plan how you can video some of these activities, so that you can look back at them later, and the child can have them as memories when it grows older.


Self evaluation questions

If you wish to do some self evaluation you can open and print this small quiz here below. The solutions are written in the bottom of the page, so maybe it´s a good idea to fold the paper or cover the solutions before you start.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!